The Weather in Marrakech

The weather Marrakesh is sunny nearly all year round, with pleasantly warm summers and mild winters. The hottest months of the year are July, August and September, but there is no humidity so temperatures are generally bearable. Rain is a fairly uncommon occurrence in Morocco, with late Fall and early Spring most likely times. When it does rain, it is usually not for long. During winter, the temperature is nice and warm during the day. At night, the temperature can fall to 10 degrees Celsius and it is recommendable to bring warm clothes during winter.


Riad LakLak stays nice and warm during winter since we cover the patio during the winter month. Furthermore, we have many heaters for your comfort. Because of its fantastic weather Marrakesh can be visited all year round. It is the perfect destination for a holiday break. Enjoy sunshine even in winter and perfectly smooth weather in spring and fall!

Min Temp Max Temp SunHours Rain
January 6°C 43°F 18°C 64°F 8 26%
February 9°C 48°F 21°C 70°F 8 18%
March 11°C 52°F 25°C 77°F 8 19%
April 13°C 55°F 26°C 79°F 9 17%
May 15°C 59°F 29°C 84°F 10 13%
June 19°C 66°F 35°C 95°F 11 7%
July 21°C 70°F 38°C 100°F 11 0%
August 21°C 70°F 37°C 99°F 10 3%
September 19°C 66°F 33°C 91°F 9 17%
October 16°C 61°F 28°C 82°F 8 16%
November 11°C 52°F 22°C 72°F 8 17%
December 8°C 46°F 19°C 66°F 7 29%